Thursday, January 27, 2011

Looking Good!

So yesterday I was able to clear a slight health hurdle. I was scheduled in for a colonoscopy through my family doctor who has basically said you have hit and passed 50 so let's make sure evrything is working correctly!

I of course worry needlessly and have been very tense about what they might find. My wife sad I worry too much but I of course remind her I went for a chest xray and almost didn't make it out of ICU either. So maybe the worry is warranted? Once bitten twice shy scenario?

Either way went through the exam painless and came out clean as a whistle and told to come back in 5 years. That was a relief and a load of my shoulders. The one thing that really helped was my praying to Our Lady that everything be okay and it seems she has helped. Even during the night when I wake up I know pray to Our Lady to help me go back to sleep and she has helped me there also, well okay there is some requests to Our Lord as well so in a nutshell if prayer is starting to work for me then imagine what it will do for you!

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