Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things Read and Seen!

Read a great article at a Hungarian religious site I get a weekly newsletter from. It was about Satan have a conference with his demons.

It seems the demons were worried about how they are going to beat this fellow called Jesus and Satan said simple! Let the people believe they are on the path to redemption but we do this, ( I have taken some liberties with the translation)

Let them keep up with the Jones and want material things to show their success

Lets us make the husband and wife work long and hard so they can not make a relationship with each other their children and their god

Make pretty thin models for TV and newspapers and magazines so that the man thinks that this is what he is supposed to love and not love his wife because she is not a model type

Make radio and television and computers and Internet and bombard them with bad news day and night so they think this is the norm

Make material things for them to want so they are totally occupied on treasures of man and not of the lord

The story continued on in this manner and think about it is that not where we are currently? Where are you? Yes take a step back and look at yourself and I am sure like me you truly won't be happy! Ponder this and maybe just slightly change your daily life maybe even 10 minutes a day to pray reflect etc. will make a positive impact for change!

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