Sunday, November 15, 2009

More on the Crucifix Removal

Sorry I have not written since my last rant but I was a bit lazy and busy at times. I have found a good article at Catholic News Agency about the removal of the crucifix from Italian schools. The comments are from the Archbishop of Sevilla Spain. Simple response with very logical points.
To a quick aside here. In my rocky and bumpy journey back into my faith the one of the things that has stood out and been refreshing is just exactly how smart and how well versed our clergy really is. The Priest's ability to analyze a problem and provide solutions no matter how big or small the problem is. As opposed to most of the law makers, politicians who just seem to have no common sense anymore. Really to me this is just another indicator our society overlooks as we become less and less tied to our roots of God, schools removing crucifixes no Lord's prayer, Christmas now being a Happy Holiday. Just a few illustrations of our foundation crumbling!
So there is my little rant for today and now the article from CNA;

.- Archbishop Juan Jose Asenjo of Sevilla in Spain said this week the crucifix is “the sign and emblem of the greatest values: commitment, solidarity, piety, mercy and universal brotherhood.” His comments came in the wake of a ruling by the EU Human Rights Court ordering crucifixes to be removed from all classrooms in Italy.

In an interview given to the COPE Radio Network, the archbishop said the ruling “denies the right of parents who want crucifixes to remain in the classroom.”

“Yesterday we read that 84% of Italians want to keep them, and the right to religious freedom of a majority is being denied, and the Christians roots of Europe are being forgotten,” he said.

Archbishop Asenjo went on to say, “More than ever, Europe is in need of these human values, and therefore I cannot help but lament this ruling.”

Referring later to the fall of the Berlin Wall, which happened 20 years ago on Nov. 9, the archbishop said the historic event also signified the “collapse of those regimes founded upon the denial of God and on ideologies that trample the dignity of persons and that unfortunately continue to do so.”

The fall of the Berlin Wall took place without a single drop of blood being shed and with the influence of Pope John Paul II, the archbishop noted. “My desire is that no more walls that divide man be raised and that others that divide Europe fall down, such as the wall of secularism, of moral relativism, of scorn for life in the womb or in its twilight, and the wall of forgetting our own history and the Christian roots of Europe.”

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