Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekly Thoughts

So how has life changed since attending Cursillo? Hard to say, first week was hard, Monday was great it was like I was on cloud 9! Then it went downhill but by the end of the week I came to the conclusion that it was me who had changed and not the world around me so I slowly started to apply the things from Cursillo to better my life and now slowly things have gotten better.

I certainly notice I am calmer and feel closer to God maybe a more intimate or at least a slightly more intimate relationship with God, Jesus and The Holy Mother.

I also now on my walk from the office to the bus everyday say a decade of the rosary and it has been quite amazing how by reciting the Rosary even though only a decade it is like the Holy Mother lifts the stress of the day off of me! Truly amazing. So one day at a time I guess on the journey to a little bit better way of life!

Now on to my Saint for 2011 talk about irony, first I did not even know who St. Teresa of Avila was but at the Cursillo weekend the facility where we were staying had an article about her on the bulletin board and more than once her name came up during the weekend. Certainly made me a my thick head take notice. I pray to St. Teresa and thank her for finding me a lost soul!

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