Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Everybody Showed Up!

 So I got the computer at church set up had the power point for mass all set up and then was asked to move back about 4 rows. Yes it looks like our little parish decided to put on a show. The young scouts showed up for mass with their leaders this is a rare occurrence. The church was packed as people came from all over to show for the new parish priest.

 Now don't get me wrong but this show of numbers has been rare in the 3 years we have been going to this parish. last time we had a show like this was when Father B was still here and the bishop came from Hungary then they came from all over but at least Father B told the bishop that this is not the usual turnout!

 Our new priest though young was not really naive enough to think and believe this is the norm. I think he knew this was out of the ordinary. Me I expect the numbers to stay as they do for a few weeks and then start to recede back to the current 100-120 people for mass from maybe the 200-250 who showed up Sunday. Even the reception afterwards was ill planned. I took longer to get out of the church after mass as I normally pick up the bulletins left in the pews and put into the recycling bin and I was also asked to lock up the church also had to guide the new priest down to the reception hall. Needless to say we were the last to get down and there was not place to sit for us and maybe another 10-20 people and nobody was even interested in getting places for this group. So we waited for the blessing from the priest and left. Luckily I was able to meet him briefly though and do look forward to talking with him more and getting to be better acquainted.

 Just irks me when these never shows come flying in and act like they keep the place alive. Really bothers me especially how they make excuses why they do not come or have n0t been coming, no parish priest, did not like the old parish priest all kind of excuses. In fact there was a lady who was introducing herself to the priest and said she had not come regularly in years because of not liking the previous priest but would like to sing in the choir etc. The new priest said that was sad she did not come as the word of God is always the same no matter who delivers it and that is why we should be going to church to hear the word of God. I know I am going to like this priest a lot!  Take care and God bless!

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