Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today and Beyond!

 Well today we get to meet our new parish priest. Well okay I cheated as I met him last night at the Harvest Dinner Dance at the Church. He is young and very bright and very ambitious. I was introduced to him by one of the higher up ladies in the church community and she introduced me as the director for the mass program. She even went onto say jokingly of course that if I am not there they can't hold mass any more! No matter it was nice to first be introduced and second to meet the new parish priest.

 The one comment I did make to him in our brief conversation was that I was very amazed as to how this little Hungarian community stayed together and with the help of a retired priest the parish stayed alive and the Lord rewarded us. The new Parish Priest concurred as he indicated his coming out had been ongoing for a year and even he was worried that there might not be a parish once he gets here!

 So I am looking forward to the mass today and the small Coffee social afterwards to "officially" meet the new parish priest. I am also strangely really looking forward to Cursillo this coming Saturday. Not quite sure what is going on with me but I do like when these kind of wonderful events take place. So that is a brief synopsis of events. As always take care and god bless!

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