Sunday, August 1, 2010

Father Solanus Casey

 Yesterday it started to rain outside so I retreated downstairs to the basement to finish the Power Point Mass I do for our parish. I dig up the hymns put up the response in the responsorial psalm, the weekly bulletin and any other notes for the parish. After getting my daughter set up on her laptop that we had to get her for university I commenced my task. Now TV when I am on the computer usually just runs in the background and I ignore it. For some reason though yesterday I turned it on to EWTN and was unable to work as I guess I got the last 20 minutes on the show about Father Solanus Casey. Truly an amazing story about an amazing man and the lives he touched.

 Here is a link to the  Father Solanus Guild and the cause for his beautification. There is even a chance to have a prayer intention said at his tomb. Take care and enjoy.

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