Sunday, March 28, 2010

Holy Week

With today's Palm Sunday Mass starts probably the most important week in our faith's teaching I guess from what I have read and learned the whole principal of our religion is based on thee historic events of this week and has provided us with something wonderful for us to absorb and live by.
With Lent winding down I guess people it is time to take out the scorecards to see how we did. Are we better people, are we more into our faith, have we prayed more, have we done good for others around us have we preached the gospel and lived it also? Tough questions. Are we big enough to admit we slipped along the way during Lent and not achieved all our goals? It seems when Lent started I saw a lot of people writing in their blogs they will be doing this and that and then never tallying up.
Not me! I did not stay the course and wandered off the path numerous times. Yes I did beg our Lord for forgiveness at those times but also did self assessment and truthfully not really happy with who I am at times. I do know who I want to be and how I want to be. It seems though our Lord has really set out a very meandering route for me to take!
Never the less I think I will come out better so maybe their was a small be it very small amount of success during this Lent for me. Certainly at least as mentioned a better understanding of who I am.
I did go to confession this Lent and even though I had gone to yearly confessions for the most part this year I finally felt like there had been a burden lifted off of me. After leaving the confessional with absolution my soul felt light like a large burden had been lifted. I told my wife and she almost laughed at me so I just kept my feelings to myself after. You know sometimes this is hard when your partner is not really into it. For what ever reason she seems to think taking out your problems on the Lord instead of having the Lord help take your problems away is the better way. Some prayer some reflection some self assessment certainly is better than harboring ill feelings and the feelings that god has punished you. Oh well another challenge but I just wish she had more zeal for the church because at times I am held back and it bothers me. I guess another hurdle to go over.
In synopsis take look at how you made out and keep working at it we are not perfect and I am not sure if we really are meant to be. But bringing God into your life can only help for the better!
Take Care and God bless!

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