Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the road again!

Sorry about not getting the Sunday reading up but time was very short. This past Monday we took off by car to Florida which for us is a 22 hour journey. We have broken the trip into 2 days so we do not completely kill ourselves.
We arrived yesterday at our destination on Anna Maria Island in Florida so today we start to absorb the island life.
A lot of changes at my parish as Father B has left and he dropped the bomb on us at the end of mass this past Sunday. I will get more details when I get back home but it really hit me as I had a close bond with him. Will be interesting times with a new priest from Hungary on his way.
Lot to do and I will catch up on all once back.
I will say this God does amazing things as we travelled through Canada and down through the States it truly is amazing how beautiful the land is and the people. Even last night at marvelled at the star lit night sky and saw how amazing god is!!!
Take care!!

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