Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back Safe and Sound!

Yes I am back all be it reluctantly as the Gulf Island we were on in Florida was absolutely beautiful! The weather as can be imagined was also great. Into the low 90's every day and sunny. Had one 1/2 day with some rain. It was great on the island and yes life is lived at a different pace on the island. It was like being in a tropical paradise.
The other part of our trip was the drive down. I know today people are in a hurry and most would have flown down and rented a car instead of driving the 1400 or so miles through the United States but I love the automotive form of travel as you see much more and you get to see and meet people. Going down we went through the majestic scenery of West Virginia and Virginia and coming back we went through Tennessee and Kentucky which are equally if not more beautiful and the people no matter where we were were friendly and honest. For those of you who would not drive from Ontario to Florida think it over you miss some of the most beautiful scenery on this planet don't rush life enjoy what the Lord has provided for us!!!
Today back to our home parish and my wife is reading today and we hope to find out who the new parish priest will be or at least find out when he will be arriving from Hungary. I am still trying to recover from the moving on of Father B. No matter who comes my wife and I are both ready to keep helping in anyway possible.
AS for work well let's just say my prayers were answered as I have been called in next week to work and yes it is paid for!!!
All I can say in a synopsis of the trip my parish and work is that God has been and is listening and always there beside me. Take Care until next time.

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