Sunday, June 28, 2009


Yes it was made official in the Monday morning production meeting. We have to take one for the company. One week closed with no pay. If we don't like it the door is there make sure it does not hit your rear end on the way out.
Upset? Yes I am!!! First it was for selfish reasons related to money. We are going on vacation the 2 weeks prior to the shutdown and now it is too late to cancel without substantial monetary penalties. I could have used the money to ease the burden of the unpaid week. Now as it stands we will go because I can't afford not to as again I can't afford to lose the money either.
No the problem is this has hit me hard inside. All my life I was brought up to work hard be respectful and to produce for whoever I work for because this is what gets you ahead eventually. You know hard work will be rewarded. But this and the attitude of the boss was a clear indication that he does not care what effort you have put forth in the success of the company, you are insignificant and any effort is clearly not acknowledged or appreciated.
It has all been hard to swallow as we are a small company and there was never a question of putting out to finish projects whether it meant staying to midnight everyday but we all pulled together and now boom you don't like it there is the door.
I am really stunned and unable to comprehend the attitude and this has lead to my confusion. I have for the first time started to look at the job postings as it is obvious that I have to move on and soon or be stuck here with the ever looming that no matter what you do and how well you do your job and are respected by the people you deal with inside and outside the office you are insignificant and can be fired tomorrow so the boss can maintain his lifestyle of cell phones for his family with about $1500 per month bills drive around in his $100,000 sports coupe to his $300,000 yacht and expense everything at the sametime back to the company. I don't know but something is leaving a bad taste in my mouth!!!

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