Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This and that!

Well it was a beautiful mass that Father B arranged on Palm Sunday. He even added a few extra slides to have displayed while the passion was being read. The usual palm leaves also. Now we are getting ready for Holy week starting on Thursday night.
There was an interesting occurrence at the end of mass as we were read in English a letter from the Bishop which was sent to the local paper. It was in regards to a political cartoon of Pope Benedict XVI. Apparently the Holy father has his mouth taped after his speech on the distribution of condoms. The Bishop took quite the exception to this especially in regards to this matter ( which I have commented on already) and as Father B clearly pointed out after that the irony here is that the newspaper has and is given freedom of expression but yet they want to deny it to the Holy father and the approximately 1 billion catholics and send this does not make sense.
As mentioned I have very little time the last few years for the glorification of daily occurrences for the sake of television ratings. I also am sick of we only report enough to shock you and never divulge the whole story. Really maybe in Canada and the US we should have the news stations and press investigated for how inaccurately they do portray the news.
Okay enough of that, yesterday I celebrated the big 50 and hope to get at least half as many years in yet. Certainly some prayers would help for that.
While until later take care as always!

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