Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Again!

Back from the hospital. I was away Monday night and all of yesterday for a sleep study. Last real chance to get my drivers license back.
I tried but have difficulty sleeping elsewhere and even more where they have about 20 wires hooked to your body. Then during the day they want to see if and how deeply you dose off as you are given 4 nap periods. Nobody has ever answered my question though do they want to have you sleep or try to stay awake. I did the daytime test once and due to the lack of sleep the night before from the sleep study I apparently did poorly. I apparently fell asleep quickly. I did ask the doctor how this daytime study reflects reality? He asked me what I meant by this? I basically told him my boss does not throw me into a dark room to see if I will fall asleep. I function at a high level during the day when occupied when not such as the occasional weekend yes I will have a nap.
Worst thing out of this is this doctor wants to perform surgery on me and I am not going to let him, at least that is the road he is pointing me onto. I think I will rather not drive although that does deprive me of a lot of freedom but so be it. Funny I had driven for 33 years without a major accident and only a couple of speeding tickets and I have my license pulled and very little chance of getting it back. If I would have driven drunk and killed someone I would have been driving until my trial and then maybe have a suspension and then have it given back after the suspension. My current suspension is indefinite until the government is happy which will be never and the operations being proposed are not something I want to go through as one of the options could lead to disfigurement.
The good thing about the test though was the nurse who worked with me Monday night. She allowed me onto the Internet with her passport and I was able to go to the catholic sites I visit and blogs for this may God bless her!
Well until next time take care!

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