Sunday, March 15, 2020

Prayers for Today

Lord, You are the Living Water that my soul needs.  May I meet You in the heat of my day, in the trials of life, and in my shame and guilt.  May I encounter Your love, gentleness and acceptance in these moments, and may that Love become the source of my new life in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Lord, I believe that you are present in my life. I believe that you are my creator and that you hold me in existence at every moment. I hope in you because I know that you created me and want what’s best for me. I know that you want to give me the living water you promised to the Samaritan woman. I am the one who places obstacles in your way. My lack of faith, attachments to worldly things, egoism and vanity all get in the way of receiving your gift. I come to you in prayer today with a humble and contrite heart. You know my misery and how much I need your grace. Accept my prayer today as a token of my desire to remove the obstacles that come between us.

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