Sunday, March 15, 2020

Corona Virus and Church

Well the Covid 19 Corona Virus is taking hold.  Yesterday we did not attend mass and truthfully I feel very guilty but because of the scare and the stay at home orders we decided best to err on the side of caution.
 This virus has scared me senseless bad enough I am in a vulnerable age group 60 plus but also have underlying conditions which make me even more vulnerable such as Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and also have lung damage from a previous illness.
 THe other problem is the hoarding mentality at the stores. I ended up venturing in but it was like a fly by bombing run in and out with precision strikes in picking up what we needed and what was available. Problem was I hit the store at 8:30 am and one the store was full and I mean full like wall to wall and there were a lot of empty shelves. Just wonder if we are not to be in crowds why this is allowed in the grocery store along with the magic supply and demand price increases. Luckily I did not have to stand inline as I  used the self checkout where there was not real traffic.
 Scary times and to put me more on edge I have a CT tomorrow and then a follow up with my Oncologist in a week. To top off that stress to see if there is any cancers floating about or my health is okay the first sick person in the area with the virus was from that Cancer Clinic and was a Radiation Oncologist. Just adds to the fear because correctly or incorrectly one would tend to feel safe in a hospital. But maybe not. Hopefully this will be the only case there.
 So I pray hard everyday as I watch with my 60 year old eyes things unfolding that I never thought I would see. I pray everyday to our Lord to help us all through this. Luckily there is a lot of resources online which we can use to strengthen our prayers and faith. I will try to upload some links so you can all follow our faith as well.
 Please take care and pray for each other and help each other and Wash Your Hands! God Bless!

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