Saturday, April 11, 2020

Prayers for Today

Lord, I thank You for the gift of Your suffering and death.  Thank You for this day of silence as we await Your Resurrection.  May I also await Your triumph in my life.  When I struggle with despair, dear Lord, help me to be reminded of this day.  The day when all appeared as loss.  Help me to see my struggles through the lens of Holy Saturday, remembering that You are faithful in all things and that the Resurrection is always assured to those who put their trust in You.  Jesus, I do trust in You.

"Lord Jesus, you died that I might live forever in your kingdom of peace and righteousness. Strengthen my faith that I may I know the power of your resurrection and live in the hope of seeing you face to face for ever."

Jesus, you are my faithful friend in life and in death. May I discover in your rising my guarantee and hope of everlasting life. After such a show of love you deserve all my faith, all my hope and all my love. I offer these to you humbly and gratefully. You alone are the Lord of my life. You are the true purpose of my life. I long to see your loving face, Lord, but I must wait in hope to see you in eternity.

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