Sunday, March 29, 2020

Prayers for Today

Lord, so often I fail to love as You desire me to love.  I am selfish and judgmental toward others.  Soften my heart and then place in my heart the most generous love I have ever felt.  Help me to turn that love to those in most need of Your Divine Mercy.  Jesus, I trust in You.
Lord, I desire to follow You wherever You lead.  Give me a firm resolve to walk in Your ways and to imitate the courage of St. Thomas.  When I fail, help me to get back up and resolve again.  I love You, dear Lord, help me to love You with my life.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Heavenly Father, I know that you give us only what is good and that you are paternally guiding us home to you. I trust in your mercy and love. In return I offer you my love, though it is so weak and stained by my egotism. Here I am, Lord, ready to listen to you and to respond with all my heart.
"Lord Jesus Christ, you have ransomed us with your blood and restored us to life with the Father in heaven. May your resurrection be our hope as we long for the day when we will see you face to face in glory."

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