Sunday, March 1, 2020

Journey through Lent

So here we are at the first Sunday of Lent and at the start of 40 days of journey into our spirituality. I was amused to see this week some posts on Facebook that people had given up Facebook for Lent. When I started back into the church I also in the early years was giving up things at Lent such as chocolates, swearing and even I attempted Facebook withdraw which actually was pretty good in reflection.
 But through this time I kept listening and learning that Lent is about getting closer to Jesus and to the Heavenly Father through his only son. I have spent more time now not worried about what I have to give up but have concentrated in learning more of the scriptures and attempting to use them in my daily life to try to get closer to god. I will tell you it is harder than one thinks. Truthfully easier to give up pop but in giving up these material things as an artificial sacrifice does not allow me to get closer to the ultimate goal of our Heavenly Father. No it just lets us shed something material that does not help our soul. No I found learning and reading the scriptures and trying to live life more as Jesus and God wish us to do is much much more difficult but the reward is huge.
 So I keep pushing along that road again this Lent and pray that I keep moving forward in getting to where and what the Lord wishes from me.
 I wish all of you good luck in working through the Lenten season and getting to your goals. God Bless!

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