Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Lord working in Mysterious Ways

So if you remember last week I was upset well actually all week about the fund raiser we received on the first Sunday of Lewnt in place of a homily. I was ready to go to another parish and told my wife I was not interested in going back as this fund raising's timing had left a bad taste in my mouth. Well she talked me into staying the rest of this calendar year and then we can change paishes if desired.
 On Satyrday we go for the evening mass which is the Sunday mass and I sit down and one of the ushers comes around and asks if we would be so kind as to take the gifts up for offering. Of course we agreed even though I need a cane to walk due to lingering side effects of chemo therapy I knew God would help me through. But overall it was funny how this happened.
 It was like God said I know you might have been upset and not seen or heard what you should have last week well I still need you here and you need to be here. Somehow things happen that upset us physically or emotionally and yes God always shows up to just to make sure you stay the course. Now getting ready for the upcoming retreat and reconciliation as well. Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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