Sunday, December 29, 2019

Many Thanks for Christmas

Well simply a thank you to our Lord Jesus Christ and our heavenly Father the almighty God. I was bale to attend Christmas mass this year and it was wonderful. A year ago I was severely ill and was able to barely get through Christmas in fact it was January  2nd they readmitted me to the hospital with severe bowel issues which took me to the brink and had caused me to up to then lose close to 50lbs in weight in about 3 months. After x-rays and scans and a few arguments they performed a small procedure by inserting a colonic stent and basically were at odds over to what had caused one part of my bowel to collapse and other parts of my bowel to over double in diameter and ready to burst. But in the end most of the surgeons thought I was done and this would just buy me some time. Well almost to the day a year later I have gained over 50lbs back and I have been attending mass regularly since the fall in may and through the summer it was intermittent as I recovered.
 Thanks to my home care nurse and Imodium and a lot of prayers I can function to the point of going out in public.
 Let me tell you I never thought and that there is nothing better than walking into a church and being able to Thank Jesus and God for being able to be there and receiving communion it is better than any medicine.
 Hopefully the Lord keeps me on this path as I hope to be here a long time yet so I can strengthen my faith and enjoy the life he has extended me.
Take care and God Bless!

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