Sunday, October 27, 2019

Still Fighting

 In the last few years I have at best been intermittent at making the Sunday Mass posts. Not that there were ever too many personnel posts but last few years there have been none.
 Hopefully that will change in the coming time. I did mention a few years ago that I was diagnosed with Cancer and the last two years I have gone through a couple of surgeries  and some procedures along with chemo in pill form and liquid form along with radiation.
I have and I am still battling, currently I am in pretty good health in a holding pattern if you will but there are scars from the battle with some lingering or residual issues from the surgeries and treatment. To say in the very least it has been hard and scary and at times confusing. The one thing that has been there has been my faith and there were a couple of times where God swooped down and helped to keep me going for which I am grateful. Literally bringing me back from the edge as I am came close twice to not being here.
 It has been as mentioned and as any of you who have yourselves suffered through the dark world of cancer or know someone who has it has been very hard. Mentally I am exhausted and very confused and at times extremely bitter that this has happened to me.
 In the following weeks I will go through what did actually happen to me and how I am doing and hopefully this will help me, kind of be therapeutic and also help for anyone who might just be starting down this long road. Certainly the doctors despite the great work they did and are doing did not prepare me for the mental hit. Maybe it is just me but it is still hard for me to deal with this.
 Until I hit the keyboard again please enjoy the Sunday readings and homily that I put up and if you have anything to add to my story as it unfolds please let me know or anything that might also be of help to me please pass it along. Please take care and God Bless! 

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