Sunday, November 12, 2017

What's New?

So basically time for an update about me. Not sure if I ever covered this but I was back in April diagnosed with rectal cancer. So a bunch of MRI's and CT scans and a course of action was laid out with a delay thrown in by the Oncologist to be sure of what they were up against. Through June and into July I was subjected to 25 radiation treatments along with chemotherapy (pill form) to shrink tumour and aid in surgery. Early September surgery to remove tumour and also an illeostomy (temporary to allow for area in rectum to heal. A couple of hiccups which had me close to meeting our lord but thanks to the Paramedics and Doctor's I made it through and had a second stay in hospital. I have now been at home 6 or so weeks and recovering as basically the incision where surgeon removed tumour opened up and they had to allow it to heal naturally so no sutures as it has closed up on its own.
 Now on top of all this getting ready for chemotherapy as well. Surgery apparently went well and they got all of the tumour and the lymph nodes removed were clean indicating a good chance that the cancer had not spread. No guarantees on this but it looks positive. So have about 6 months of chemo to get through and then recovery and then illeostomy reversal surgery and then recovery with repaired plumbing (lack of a better term) and hopefully then just check ups and being cancer free for the rest of my natural life how ever long that may be.
 Certainly a large thank you to Our Lord Jesus for his help and the Holy Mother as they listened to my prayers and helped me through this so far and have been beside me every step! Hardest part is not being able to go to mass especially now. In the first round with radiation before surgery and after side effects went away or were controllable I went to mass. Right now I am hoping I can get to mass next week as the wound will have healed enough that I do not have to worry about it and also still getting used to the ostomy bag so timing problems are still rounding out.
 I pray every day and say a or parts of a rosary and will need more as chemo will be hard so I ask that those who read this also help me and pray to have the Lord look over me and help me through this ordeal and also to pray for all others who suffer with cancer and other diseases and also to pray for the health professionals who give so much of their time and work hard to help and cure everyone they deal with.
 Thank you and God Bless!

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