Sunday, August 6, 2017

Prayer and Getting to know God

Yesterday at mass the priest's word struck home with me. I am currently under going cancer treatment and getting ready for surgery at the start of September. Yes when you get the word from your doctor you have cancer your whole world gets turned upside down and more.
 The one thing I noticed is my spiritual health also changed. Instead of prayers everyday I have noticed that they have turned more to prayer and conversation with God. Covering everything and the prayer becomes stronger. Now what does this have to do with what our priest said in his homily?
 Well he struck a chord with me when he said we might think we get to know God with our daily prayers but he said the true glory of God is revealed when we suffer.
 I thought about this for a moment and it is so true for the most part we go through our lives and our prayers are usually a form of thanks to god for what he has given us or prayer to have success in something be it a job interview in our marriages or maybe praying for success in an exam at school.  But when we get hit with something severe, illness, death of a loved on then all of a sudden our prayers become more of conversing with God such as why is this happening why did this happen and we demand or look for answers from God. We start talking with God and reflecting what he has done for us kind of take inventory with him trying to figure out what it is he has planned for us.
 To me through these misfortunes in life leads us to different level of our relationship with God. It puts us to where we are at his mercy and we have to put our trust in him and be with him and live with him as his grand plan unfolds. I just wonder if we have this closer more intimate relationship with God from the start how much better off we would be spiritually?

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