Sunday, December 11, 2016

Prayers for Today

Lord Jesus, strengthen my trust in your word and my hope in the saving power of your kingdom. Free me from everything that would hold me back from pursuing your kingdom and your will for my life.

Lord, I believe that you are present here with me as I enter into this moment of conversation with you. I trust in your loving providence that guides my every step throughout the day. Because I love you, I desire to look only to you so that you can become the strength of my weakness and the certitude of my entire life.

 Lord, during this period of Advent, I want to draw closer to you. I want you to invade every corner and crevice of my weary heart. Teach me to leave aside all my fears for the future and to be as generous as you have been with me – giving everything you had, indeed your very life, for my salvation.

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