Sunday, December 11, 2016

Advent Continues

So the bounce happened once a few weeks ago in parishes. Went to the more modern parish and was surprised as both parishes set up an Angel tree at this time of year and you pull an angel off the tree and it indicates what you need to get for a person more in need. Whether a family for groceries to a teenager needing toiletries.
 Te more modern parish with a relatively large base of families had about 100-150 angels unclaimed while the smaller English/Polish parish I was lucky after the mass the other week to find an angel at all. In the end there was nothing. Is this a case of smaller parish bigger heart? Not sure I do know that this English/Polish parish does gather money monthly and this Christmas angel drive for the needy within the parish and not the diocese. It is funny one can imagine that there are people who are less fortunate within the diocese but no one would think  that within the borders of a parish we would have this mis-distribution of wealth. Funny I always enjoyed giving to this parish because it truly might be helping my neighbour. But with that said does it matter where we give? As long as people who are less fortunate then us benefit that at the end of day is what truly matters.
 If you church/parish has such a program please help as truly it is a gift to someone who might not be able to get anything. Could be a shut in or a young child whose parents just don't have the means to buy a Christmas gift. At least we can brighten their lives even if a little bit on Christmas!

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