Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why is Mass so different between Parishes?

 I don't get it. I have for years been going to two different parishes on top of the Hungarian Parish I attend occasionally. But between the two parishes the difference and even the reverence of mass is totally different.
 The one parish which is all english not only the mass but the behavior of the parishioners is different. Many do not acknowledge the lord and kneel before entering their pews. People in flip flops, texting during mass, other forms of inappropriate dress, screaming kids and the one that really gets to me the applause at the end of mass?
 I mean I really like the Parish Priest there as he delivers good homilies and has more modern take on the readings and associates them historically and with current events and occasion sense of humor mixed in. Mass though is unbelievable, general absolving of the sins as we rarely if ever say the prayer for forgiveness at the start of mass (Penitential Right). Even the hymns are belted through speed wise as to lets get the heck out of here. The ultimate kicker is I always go about 45 minutes to an hour before mass to pray a rosary, light a candle and in general to be with god in quiet. This parish is louder than a major sporting event. As the numbers increase you get to the point that you can't think as everyone is talking loud to each other or on their phones.
 The other parish I attend is not like that. It is quiet it is peaceful and the people are more respectful of where they are and more aware. We have a proper beautiful mass week in and week out. No cell phones, no flip flops cut offs, no applause at the end of mass.
 So what is my problem? Hard to understand the priests as it is a Polish/English church and sometimes the priest are hard to understand as their accents are heavy but I try to endure. I do admit I am going here more and more because of the beauty and reverence held here in the mass.
 But why is this it seems you from parish to parish and mass is always different. I thought a few years ago the Vatican changed things for mass to be a bit more stringent and uniform and seemed for a year it was going down that road and now it worse than before.
 I love going to mass for me it is my escape during the week I feel so content during mass and in the solitude I have with the lord when I pray and when I pray my rosary. I am almost shaking in my boots so to speak for mass every week.
 My feeling is the church has to get back to having mass said uniformly from parish to parish and have the priest enforce the mass and respect required at mass because right now in some parishes it is a joke and catholic mass is non existent.
 My rant. God Bless!

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