Sunday, November 27, 2016

The week that was

Well the parish bouncing started again as I went back to my other parish. More because the Sunday Missal was there and available for purchase and for what ever reasons I like to have my own Sunday Missal for mass.
 There are things I really do like here at this parish and the homilies are always wonderful. The way mass is done does leave a bit to be desired but one can live with it.
 I am fortunate and last few years have spent a few weeks in Hungary and have been able to attend mass at 2 different churches and like here there was a large difference between the two churches and how mass is presented.
 Certainly the one amazing fact though no matter how mass is done is some of the old churches and cathedrals there are and I have taken time not just to go in and gawk but to also pray and thank God that I could come in and share this time with him in a place as beautiful as these places are. This past summer I was in a 1000 year old abbey and was able to pray where St. John Paul the Great prayed and it was beyond words what I felt to have this privilege I was truly humbled to be there.
 Advent is upon as now as we await the birth of our saviour. Really interesting resources out there and certainly worth looking around and reading through them. These days anything we can do and get for spiritual strength and formation we have to to be able to take it in. The internet has tons of articles retreats to help us so take advantage of them to make your advent not just the weeks leading to Christmas but a time to reflect and get stronger spiritually and prepare for the coming of our lord.
 Take care and have a blessed week!

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