Sunday, November 20, 2016

Another Liturgical Year Gone

Well time certainly does fly. Another liturgical year done. We celebrate Chrisast the King this weekend and the roll into Advent.
 Advent already wait that was just too fast. I wonder as on New Years Eve are we to make a resolution? Do not know but in reflection it has been an up and down year but a year where the Lord became a larger part of my life. Just slowly opening the door to the realization that he is there and does listen and guides you and walks with you through your days and all he needs is a thank you!
 So with that Thank You Our Heavenly Father. Thank You our Lord Jesus and Thank you our Holy Mother Mary. Please be with us always to help us through our days and to allow you to guide our lives on the road that is required to be one day worthy to be considered to enter our lord's kingdom. Forgive us of our sins and have mercy on our souls. Amen.

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