Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Prayer for this Morning

But who do you say that I am?

Father, several times
every day, your Son
asks me this question.
In every Eucharist,
in every encounter
in my life, I give my
answer, whether I
realize it or not.

But the reverse is
going on as well.
For, every day,
in every encounter,
the people I live with
the people I work with,
the people I encounter
for only a few minutes,
all have an opportunity
to know who I am.

Will they know me as
a person of integrity,
of compassion,
of down-to-earth humility?
Will they feel from me
an inner joy, no matter
the circumstances?
Will they see someone
who is willing to help
others, even at
a personal cost?
Will they see someone
in whom your Son’s
light and life burn brightly?

Father, fill me
with your Spirit
so that I may share
ever more deeply
the life of your Son.
For someday I will
stand before you,
and I will ask you
the question
Jesus asks me:
“Who do you say
that I am?”
I hope, that day,
that you will see what
you hope to see in me.
I hope you will see
a sign of your kingdom
of justice, compassion, and love.
I hope you will see
me sharing the scars
and wounds of Jesus,
the wounds that come
from doing your will,
and dying to myself
to live in your Son.

Father, on that day
when I ask you
“who do you say that I am?”
I hope I will hear you say
“You are an image of the
Christ, the Son of the Living God.”

And that day,
like all days,
I will be blessed.

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