Sunday, May 18, 2014

Daily Prayer

Sunday, May 18, 2014
I am in the Father and the Father is in me.

Father, I do not understand you.
You are transcendent,
and yet you dwell in the human heart.
You are all-powerful,
and yet you reveal yourself
most often in my weak
and feeble moments.
You are maddeningly silent,
and yet you speak to me
in so many ways.
You are completely unknowable,
and yet your Son, Jesus,
has revealed you.

And when I see Jesus,
when I recognize in faith
that he is in you
and you are in him,
I know that he is showing me
something very true about you.

Father, I think Jesus
shows me, in part,
that you are direct and courageous
about building the Kingdom.
He shows me that you
have little patience
with pretension and status,
and that you can get
livid with rage over hypocrisy.
Jesus shows me that you want
our sicknesses to be healed,
our hungers to be fed,
our sins to be forgiven,
and our sorrows turned to joy.
Jesus shows me that
you are not afraid
of being a servant so that we
might learn to love
and serve one another.
Jesus reveals you
as a passionate lover
who loves us enough to die for us,
and who wants us to share
in your very life.

Father, thank you for
giving me a share in your life.
Thank you for Jesus.

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