Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Prayer for Today

Sunday, May 4, 2014
But they urged him, “Stay with us…”

Thank you, Jesus,
for never giving up on me,
no matter how many times
I appear to have given up on you.

No matter how many times
I’ve faced disappointment,
no matter how often dreams
have gone unfulfilled
and prayers unanswered,
no matter how often
I have--like these two
disciples--started to turn
and walk away from you
with the sad words “I was hoping…”
caught in my throat,
you show up somewhere
along the road and begin
to bring me back.

I will not recognize you right away.
Sometimes all I will see
is a person who needs my help
or a person reaching
out to help me,
or a person needing forgiveness,
or a person whose
infuriating action calls me to give
either my best or worst in return,
or someone whose
compassion touches me
to my depths of my soul.
Whoever it is, it will be you
reminding me that self-giving love—
dying to self for the sake of others—
is the only road that leads to life.

Help me to respond, Lord;
Just as these disciples
offered you hospitality,
help me to reach out
to you in whatever form
you come to me
so that I too might
always recognize you
in the bread you bless,
the bread you break,
the Bread you are,
and the Bread
you call me to be.

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