Sunday, January 12, 2014

Daily Prayer

Jesus came…to John…to be baptized.

Thank you, Jesus,
for being born
into our world
as one of us.
Thank you for revealing the
face and will of God to us.
Thank you for showing us
that giving of ourselves out of love
is the only kind of life worth living.

And, Jesus, on this day
when we celebrate your baptism,
I thank you for my own.
So often in the busyness of my life
I don’t seem to have much of a chance
to even remember the miraculous power
of that special event
that made me part of your life,
and more than that—
part of you.

Today, at Mass, Jesus, when I gather
with other members of your body,
inspire me to remember what my baptism means.
Help me open myself to the transforming
power of your Spirit, and feed me with
your own Body and Blood so that I may leave
Mass a little more aware of what I am
and am always more deeply becoming:
your face, your love, your very self.

Help me today, Jesus, to live my life
with you, in you, and through you.
Help me pause now and then
to think of the wonder of it all,
and to thank you for it.

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