Saturday, November 2, 2013


So I have been torn lately as to which parish to attend. I have been going back and forth all year. One parish is an English/Polish parish and has very traditional masses and very beautifully done so for me a very spiritual mass.
 The other parish a lot more informal but does have a lot of extra curricular activity to help develop your faith and better understand the faith and strengthen your faith. Good young priests as well.
 Last week though the end for me came at the more modern parish when praying after Communion I was sitting back from praying when as I slid back into the pew I noticed the lady behind me was texting. It was bad enough all through mass she was talking to her daughter making it hard to focus on what was a wonderful homily. Really disgusted me. I guess you can call me old fashioned but I was taught that when you go to church you are quiet you are in the presence of the lord and you show your respect. This parish has always been a bit cavalier to the point where this summer in the bulletin they asked people to observe a basic dress code and not come in cut offs and flip flops.
 It is also not the first time a cell phone has been at play here as there have been numerous times when you would here the phones ring or here the alert for an incoming text etc.. For me the latest incident was too much. So yesterday it was back to the more traditional church. I decided that maybe even though they offer less outside of mass they have a good and traditional mass where you can be in touch with the lord and not be worried about any interruption from a phone ringing or people coming in dressed like they just left a rave. I decided there is enough available elsewhere in the Internet world to help develop y foundation in the faith.
 It was funny when I saw the lady texting the interview I saw with Cardinal Arinze where he said we are not going to a concert or a football match. We are going to Holy mass to be with the lord and we should act appropriately. I thought if was here he would surely stop mass and start chucking people!
 So there in a nutshell it is. I guess call me old fashioned but the texting was beyond any form of comprehension for me, maybe I over reacted but to me I want to be with the lord for the small time there and I do not want to here people catching up calling or texting during mass.

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