Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Prayer for Today

Lord, God of peace,
who has created humanity,
the object of your kindness,
to be close to you in glory,
we bless you and we thank you
because you have sent us
your beloved son, Jesus,
making him the mystery of the passover,
the architect of all salvation,
the source of all peace,
the bond of true brotherhood.
We thank you for the desire,
the efforts, the realizations
which your spirit of peace
has roused in our day:
to replace hatred with love,
diffidence with understanding,
unconcern with care.
Open yet more our hearts
to the needs of all our brothers and sisters,
so that we may be better able
to build a true peace.
Remember, Father of mercy,
all who are in pain,
who suffer and die
in the cause of a more just world.
For the people of every race, of every tongue–
may your kingdom come:
your kingdom of justice, of peace, of love;
and may the earth be filled with your glory. Amen.

Pope Paul VI

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