Thursday, August 15, 2013

Morning Prayer

Holy mother Mary,
we all rejoice with you today
on the feast of your glorious Assumption into heaven.
It is a great comfort to us
to realize that your precious body,
the tabernacle of the infant Christ,
is now in heaven with him.
Your being taken into heaven is also,
like the resurrection of Christ’s body,
a pledge to us of the resurrection of our own bodies.
It is wonderful to think that these hands,
with which we now earn our bread,
will one day, with our bodies,
be glorified forever in heaven.
Help us to realize this
as we go about our work from day to day.
Help us to have great respect for these bodies of ours,
and for those of others because we recognize in them
the temple of the Holy Spirit,
and because we look forward to seeing each other,
body and soul, with you and your Son Jesus Christ
forever in heaven. Amen. 

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