Sunday, June 2, 2013

Morning Prayer

The angelic bread becomes the bread of humans;
The heavenly bread ends all prefigurations:
What wonder! a poor and humble servant
consumes the Lord.
We beg of you, Triune God,
that you visit us as we worship You.
By your ways, lead us who seek
the light in which You dwell. Amen.

— Panis Angelicus (St. Thomas Aquinas) 
O Good Shepherd, True Bread,
O Jesus, have mercy on us:
feed us and protect us:
make us see good things
in the land of the living.
You who know all things
and can do all things
who feed us mortals here,
make us to be your guests there—
co-heirs and companions
of the heavenly citizens. Amen. 
 Bone Pastor (from Lauda Sion, St. Thomas Aquinas)

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