Tuesday, November 13, 2012


a It has been a long time since I blogged anything personal. Usually just put items up such as daily prayer that I saw and wished to share or items from the Vatican etc. but nothing from me.
 Truthfully I am struggling in my everyday life with what am I to do towards the Lord. I prayer I read the scripture but I am still unsure about where I am. I did read a blog recently which has helped by reminding me how simple it is to be with our Lord but still I am confused and sometimes in despair as to how to live what to do to make God happy. Maybe we are supposed to struggle? Not sure but I feel I have to march on and maybe just maybe I will find what I want.
 Certainly with the everyday demands the secular world gives us with work and just everyday life we must find no we must make time and accept god but at times I find it difficult and a battle. Certainly I hope I can come out of this funk to nourish my soul. Please pray for me! God Bless!

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  1. Morning. Your second paragraph caught my eye and I'd thought I'd chime in. Recently, like end of last week recently, I spoke to my cousin who is also in a down manner. I asked him "what are your priorities in life right now"? "What are your TOP TEN priorities"? I told him to take only a day or two and put them down in writing. All ten, spell checked, the whole nine yards. Once the top ten is established, then come up with your reasoning for each one. This may be a great help and challenge for you to do the same. Don't fake it, don't fluff it. Just be honest. It will show you where your at and where you need to make changes. Challenge yourself. If you give yourself a short deadline, you will be required to think on those TOP TEN things. You wont have the time to worry about the other things the world is throwing out to you. Try it out and get back to me if you like. Have a great day