Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some Days are Tougher than Others...

There are times when I wonder what the use of the internet is. Sometimes I sit there literally staring into space and not really able to comprehend what is in front of me because I can' t understand why it is in front of me. I feel that we are in a generation of instant information and instant unneeded or wanted junk for our minds. WE seem to know what everyone is doing and where. Do I really need to know some is getting their nails done right at this minute or that they are having dinner and are cutting into their pork chop right now?
 Then there are days when it is beneficial to be able to read other peoples problems as  can then relate and go okay it is not just me. My problem lately has been some days I get so deep into prayer and truly believe that the Lord is looking out for me and then other days it becomes why do I bother.
 I am slowly coming to the realization that many people go through these swings ( Blessed Mother Theresa for one) where you wonder has God abandoned me? But somehow and someway the signs are always there that well no God has not left you in a lerch but at times he has in fact responded by giving you something to deal with.
 Something to deal with for you to solve and to solve in the correct manner and use the belief that you have in him along with Jesus and many times the Virgin Mother Mary. Yes it is easy to feel sorry for yourself and feel abandoned but take a step back and weigh all things through and you will see it is not the case.
 Yes you will still have your daily struggles but just trust God because he is there and he will help and take what is given you and live with it. Also yes look around on the internet there are many helpful blogs out there and many prayers that will help as well. Will we every truly be sure of where we are at? Not sure but with God around we will always know we are on the right path! God Bless!

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