Friday, February 24, 2012

The Week so Far

So I continue my double life by attending mass in two different parishes and what is turning out to be in 3 languages. I attend the Hungarian mass on Sunday and also the English mass here at my local parish where I am also enrolled in the RCIA. Now for Ash Wednesday we went here with my wife to the local parish and the mass was in English and Polish. Just like the First Friday mass and adoration which actually was in 3 languages, English, Polish and some Latin!

First I wondered what I am doing but then realized how I am being blessed to be able participate in this. Also I have struggled about attending the Hungarian church as the time of mass and the time lost on Sunday as opposed to the early mass at the English parish I attend. Also no politics at least visibly at the local parish and a sense of vigour and parish life which is lacking at the Hungarian parish. In the end though because of my background and the Hungarian blood flowing in me I can't leave the parish as I help with what I can every Sunday as it seems people can complain about what is required but refuse to help.

Overall I am blessed as I mention to be enriched like this and I accept this as a grace from God. Maybe also this might help make up for all the years I could not be bothered in going to Mass. The RCIA even though you are a Catholic I recommend you take as it takes you back and helps you build a foundation for our wonderful faith. To me this has been the best move I have made and have the Lord to thank for guiding me here! Take care and God Bless!

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