Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sick and Tired!!!

How far will this go? I can't even see straight over this. What is this open hostility towards christans? What about me I am offended that there is no decorations etc.
Seems the village idiots have surfaced. Please read the following story and let me know what you think......

School buses forced to remove Christmas decorations

by Sameer Vasta
School buses in the Kingston area have been forced to remove all holiday decorations for fear of offending anyone; more offense should be taken at trying to take the joy out of the holidays.

'Tis the season to be merry, jolly, bright, and in the case of Tri-Board Student Transportation Services in Kingston, Ontario, 'tis also the season to be dull and drab.

Tri-Board is an agency that is contracted to manage transportation services to local school boards in the Kingston area, and they have made it very clear that any buses with Christmas decorations are not allowed to transport students this season. A violation of that rule would be considered a breach of contract, and would result in that bus company losing the route.

Diane Pope and Brigette Kelpy, school bus drivers in the area, are understandably upset by the rules: their buses were decorated this year and have been in the past. The decorations and hats that they wear have been a highlight for the children riding the bus during the holiday season. They have both been asked to remove the decorations.

There, are of course, valid reasons to remove decorations from a bus. If the decorations are hindering the driver's ability to provide a safe ride, or distracting the other drivers on the road, then they should be eliminated. Additionally, if the decorations are religious, political, or offensive, then they shouldn't be allowed on a bus.

Kelpy and Pope's decorations, however, were neither of those; it is impossible to argue that snowman stickers and snowflakes on the ceiling of a bus are offending the sensitivities of the children, or threatening their safety. In fact, having festive decorations actually enhances the school bus experience for most children, and makes the ride to and from school a memorable and enjoyable one.

The Tri-Board ban on holiday decorations is simply a case of political-correctness gone overboard — the attempt to refrain from offending anyone has turned into overblown sanitizing — and can be easily corrected. Tasteful, inoffensive, and safe decorations should not just be allowed, but encouraged. A good ride to and from school generally means a better day in class for kids, and that's something we all want.

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