Thursday, November 24, 2011

What's Going On!

An update of what I am up to lately. RCIA is going very well and really is helping me in understanding the faith better and what my part is in the faith. To me this is only starting to scratch the surface and will be up to me even after RCIA ends to dig deeper. Father Aleks has been wonderful and has so much information and wealth of knowledge to pass on. He is such a nice and kind gentle man. I could literally listen to him for hours.
As I may have mentioned I am double dipping and going to mass at the English church and our regular Hungarian parish. Tiring not really even though the timing of the Hungarian mass is a bit of an issue that we have now had to basically ignore. It seems that nothing changes there and I felt sorry for Father L as everybody continues to complain but not provide him with any help. When we went back people were giving me grief for not being there and they had lost their way during mass. Not really sure how they were able to attend mass or what they did before we started this whole displaying hymns and prayers on a screen. I noticed nobody had put up hymn numbers on the board or even changed the offertory candles by replacing the burned out ones with new ones but everybody could complain. Quite a strange bunch but deep down with my wife we have come to the realization that we have to attend to provide some help for Father L.
Now with the RCIA I have been getting more out of the mass in both languages which is something I was looking for and really lacking. I also as mentioned to develop farther with retreats and other courses that the English parish provides. But in the meantime I will enjoy and absorb the double dipping I do and thank God for directing me this way!
To all my American friends Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!

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