Saturday, October 29, 2011

Twice as Good?

So as mentioned I started RCIA this week and now it seems I will be going to two parishes! Confusing yes problem no! It kind of dawned on me that this might just be the best of both worlds and help my journey even more.
Now I am sure it will not accelerate it but actually in fact bring me back to the very roots of my faith that I need to establish. I guess my roots are like those of the mustard seed on the rocks!
The people who run the RCIA are very wonderful and really appear to want to go out of their way to help and to make one welcome. I received a nice package and best of all a bible, my very first and now a very cherished possession. Remarkable the contents and why is it that it is easier to read in book form then in online form?
So hang on as this should be a good ride but one with great benefits. Mass is easy I can go to the English parish Saturday evening or Sunday first thing and then on for the 11am at our old parish. I have discussed at my old parish that I might not be there every week but will try as the 11:00am mass is a bit late and wipes out the day but for the most part we can live with it. Hectic yes strange yes but from what I have seen at our Hungarian parish that there are a few people who attend two parishes as well.
So all in all took a small big step forward and now time to absorb the teachings and the words to be a better person and to become strong in my faith!

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