Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Struggles Continue

Yes my struggle is still on going and I have zeroed in on some problems and the cause of the struggles.   
 First is whether or not to stay at my parish. I do love the fact of it being a 'ethnic church' this gives us a uniqueness and also helps with my roots being developed back to Hungary.
 I do like the way mass is done a more traditional style but there are some shortcomings since Father L took over and one of them is he always seems to be in a hurry when going through mass. Personally I do not like this as I go to pray and absorb what mass has to offer me and be with God. I do not like the "Beat the Clock" Mass.
 Of course the get together's and different dinners through the year are excellent. Again helping my roots develop more.
 I do not like the 11:00 am mass as it is too late in the morning for me especially with the travel. Last week as I help clean up after mass, turn off lights etc. we got home around 1 in the afternoon. Not that this should matter but I would like to be at home and enjoy my time with my wife and family.
 Lastly the affiliations Father L is starting to me will lead the parish on a path that might leads to its own end based on the track record of the people he is aligning himself with despite objections and warnings from others.
 The lack of spiritual development is huge and other than the Cursillo get together there really is nothing. We also can't make the evening midweek mass and rosary which we went to once and I really enjoyed. With my wife working and my inability to drive it is extremely hard to get there for this.
 The parish down the road I could be at 8:00am mass which I did mention the other week that I loved and they always have some form of spiritually development renewal every week going on. The parish is Polish and English so the mix is nice.
 So here I sit in my struggles of where to go. On top of that I am still struggling with the fact where am I in all of this and where do I want to be. It continues and sometimes I get reved up do some reading of blogs the bible do a rosary all online and think this is great but then the realization of well would this and should this not take place in church gets to me because for some reason in my mind it would mean more? Not sure. I will continue to work it out and hopefully settle but I hate this restlessness and want to grow in my faith. What to do? Take care and God Bless!

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