Friday, July 29, 2011

Wonderful Night

Well I finally did and now I am upset that it took so long. Our church had started back in the late spring a Thursday night mass and afterwards the praying of the Rosary. Up until now I was either working tired or what ever reason I could find to not make the effort to go.
Last night I asked my wife to take me and she did and I loved it. The mass as always was nice but with less of us there (maybe 20) it was very intimate. The Rosary well it was wonderful and for me it was like a great workout for the soul and I was very uplifted by the evening and renewed spiritually.
Needless to say I want to go again and now on a regular basis. This of course much to my wife's disdain but now I will plan to do it one way or the other and will make the time to go and not make excuses not to go!
God Bless!

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