Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gone for a bit but leave you a prayer.

I am going in for surgery today as a kidney stone has become a kidney rock. After 5 weeks of pain and one surgery cancellation I am going in today and hope to have the stubborn and pain inducing stone removed. Any prayers will be appreciated and hope to be home in a day or so. Until then God Bless and here is a prayer for today,

Lord, you are the source of all life because you are life itself. Your resurrection gives me the hope of being raised from the dead to rejoice with you forever in heaven. I need to dwell more often on the good you have done for us and on your promises to those who put their trust in you. Thank you, Jesus, for taking up your life again and leading the way home to heaven. I love you, and I want to follow after you with all my heart. I want to cooperate more fully with you in bringing many others there with me.

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