Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So I have been thinking about this and I seem to consider myself somewhat of a phony. How did I figure this out? Simple by the way I live my everyday life.
It seems to me that I have become comfortable in thinking after my Cursillo weekend that I am recharged and now I am set for life, I have had an experience which brought me closer to Jesus and to God. Now I see and amazingly feel this is wrong and I am slowly trying to amend my ways.
The way I have it figured is that thinking you are fine because you say a prayer here and there go to mass on Sunday's is enough is wrong. You have to live every moment living the way Jesus told us then you start to get some satisfaction out of life but more importantly yourself and then and only then do start getting closer to our Lord. It is amazing but when I do approach my day that way the day is more satisfactory and little to nothing gets you down.
To me that is a power to live with and more importantly to strive for. So you know why I consider myself a phony. Now the answer is simple as you can see but very difficult to achieve but as mentioned what a great feeling and a little bit everyday gets you there in the end.
So try it and enjoy life and enjoy being with God!

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