Sunday, November 21, 2010


 Well Happy Sunday everyone! Today it is off to mass and then we are having our Feast of St. Elizabeth lunch at the parish. After Saint Stephen, Saint Elizabeth is the most celebrated saint in the Hungarian church.

 Looking forward to the ongoing changes at the parish and our new parish priest has already rolled up his sleeves and has started laying down the law as to how he wants things done for the mass. It has even gone down to the candles and where they are placed at the altar and having them all lit which since I have been going there for the past 3 years has never happened. Last week Father L even jumped in with the group my wife is in that prays the Rosary before mass starts and prayed a decade with them.

 Father L is young but very devote and his command of the mass is excellent ant his homilies are inspiring. I just hope he keeps on his road and puts some people in their place and we finally allow the priest to run mass and not the laity. But from what I read on the various blogs it seems this is a common problem among the bloggers at their respective parishes.

 For the Cursillo weekend I will be attending in January Father L will be coming along to complete his Cursillo and to help translate for me with any difficult sayings or Hungarian words that I might not be able to comprehend.

 As you can see I am on cloud nine right now and enjoying having a new parish priest Thanks to the Lord for sending him. We endured for over a year but it was worth the wait. Take care and God Bless!

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