Monday, November 8, 2010

Great Weekend!

Yes the weekend was wonderful! Saturday we had our monthly Cursillo meeting. I was asked and accepted to attend the Cursillo weekend in January and I am really amped up about going! But the meeting was wonderful and I was put more at ease with my thoughts based on the group discussion.
The one lady who I know rather well outside of the group really put on a very deep discussions about the Saints. To me the brutal honesty of the feelings of fear and joy from this lady were overwhelming. Also another lady made a comment that really hit home.
Our new Parish priest also joined in and low and behold he will also be attending the Cursillo weekend.
But going back to the discussions I guess some of the inner fears I have and thoughts were not just unique to me and this all of sudden changed my perspective on a lot of things and how I can go about my building and strengthening of faith.
The one evident item was the lack of knowledge I still have towards the Bible, reciting Rosaries (especially in Hungarian!) and the overall faith. Truthfully after Saturday I am not even sure if I have scratched the surface this way!
Oh well now I know more of what direction to go in and certainly more at ease in the face of the Lord as the fears I have seem to be shared by others as well. Thanks for listening and God Bless!

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