Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekly Events

Truthfully not much happened this week. In fact I have been a bit remiss at doing certain things.. Work has been close to unbarable at times. Really we all feel under appreciated and overworked. But from what I can see in the blogging world it looks we are all in the same boat. Funny as I try to get through the days without loosing my cool it is almost comical to see how our boss runs the company and how much potential profit is thrown away in stupidity. I have tried to point this out but only to get into arguments with him and have him explaining how a small business tries to compete with the big boys of the world.
Luckily being the Purchasing manager I am always able to show him the costs of his mistakes and misconceptions. Only problem doesn't sink in!
What do I want to get out of all this? Well as I walk out to the bus stop I always thank our lord for his help and sometimes discuus what went on and ask him why people are like this? I think the answer is he wants me to know people like this to make me stronger.
Well off to mass today and now for the second week in a row I have put up as the first card of the power point mass slides a slide saying (in Hungarian) Pray the Rosary. It was a comment in the Cursillo class I attended that got me to do this. One of the ladies complained how noisy the parishoners are when they enter and it is rude and disrespectful for the Rosary Group who are praying the Rosary. So I put up this display and we also made a comment instaed of confronting people one that asks for others to join in. Seemed to help as people were a little bit quiter. We will see this week.
3 more weeks until our new Parish Priest arrives. I am giddy like a kid waiting for Christmas!
Well hopefully this week I will try to get back to my routine and hopefully get over this mental hump. Take Care and God Bless!

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