Sunday, October 3, 2010

Go Back!

 Well one step forward two steps back? Maybe not! Yes we attend mass at the Hungarian church in Toronto but at the end of the day the driving was a lot. My wife was the one who made the suggestion we stay at our present parish and of course being the husband I obliged. She was tired with the almost 1 1/2 hour drive back and forth and in the winter it would be longer.

 I did enjoy the mass and the people but somehow I have grown into our little struggling parish and besides the winds of change have blown. Yes finally at the end of the month our new parish priest will be here from Hungary! Yes I guess it took a year and a half and a lot of collective prayer but God answered our needs.

 The next item that happened was yesterday I went but very apprehensively to my first Cursillo meeting. I can't explain how nervous I was about many things first being how I would be welcomed and if I can comprehend and digest what is provided and given and brought out during a Cursillo get together. Well  I was floored the group treated me like I had always been there and went out of their way to be helpful to me. In fact they already want me to attend the Hungarian Men's Cursillo weekend coming up in January.


 Certainly being accepted like that helped and certainly it was nothing like I have ever experienced and even I was amazed as about 5 years ago I never would have even dreamt or thought I would be doing anything like this. That though was nothing compared to what I received in the group and how much better I felt and renewed spiritually I was. Only thing is I wish I would not have been so hard headed and stupid for so many years and I should have allowed for this earlier.

 In deciding to stay at our current parish my wife and I discussed that for any big retreats that the Toronto parish has usually our parish is invited and I will come for those. I did tell my wife I after what has happened and transpired lately really need this spiritually education as I  see that truly through God and Jesus is the way to a happy and fulfilling life and already that has with yesterday increased 100 fold! Well off to mass and I have to get the PowerPoint display ready. Take Care and God Bless!

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